Solar Panel Installation

SunSource prides itself on our extensive experience in solar energy design and installation and other renewable energy options throughout North America. We design, size and install an assortment of solar systems to help you reduce your energy bills. We can assist you with Solar Photovoltaic Systems (Power Generation), Ground Source Heat Pumps, Wind and Water Harvesting and far more energy efficient options. At SunSource, we help people find the right system to fit your needs and your budget.

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Residential Ground-Mount
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Solar Panels and Solar Installation Services

At SunSource we have every aspect of your solar project under one roof.

The result: reduced communication times between trades, and a minimized risk for errors in the construction design phase. Our entire team reviews the project together to ensure an on-time, on-budget, quality job for our customers.

  • The LEED Architects from SunSource will provide accurate 3D building modeling — along with all the required blueprints and drawings for submittal to the power company, and for building permit applications.
  • Our Structural Engineer reviews the solar system design and inspects the existing building.
  • Our Master Electricians will ensure that the electrical designs are accurate, efficient, and that the solar systems are properly integrated into your building.
  • Is your solar system part of a remodel, building addition, or new construction project? No problem! SunSource is a Class A General Contractor. We can integrate your solar system into any size construction project. In fact, we can even take care of the rest of the construction project for you as well!

Solar Panel Installation Layout

Custom Solar System Design

Every project is unique. That’s why SunSource is committed to an extensive evaluation/design process with every customer.

We make sure to take into account your goals and every aspect of your solar project. Site conditions, building construction and materials, soil conditions, wind exposure, functionality of space, and many other factors affect every project.

We will address all of these elements and more to ensure a successful project that produces clean energy for decades.


Integrated Project Management

Our entire team is aware of every project that is currently under design or construction. We can very rapidly adapt as changes or additions come up during construction. This ensures minimal to no delays and you get to fit in any last-minute changes you desire.

Upon completion of your project, our entire team works together to provide you with an accurate, up to date, as-built packet. You’ll receive:

  • All of your project’s drawings, updated with any changes that were approved during construction.
  • A bound book with all your product information, warranty information, and instructions on how to monitor and maintain your system.
  • A post-completion interview, conducted by a member of our management team — to ensure your satisfaction and improve our company performance.


Professional & Experienced Staff

At SunSource, our staff has decades of extensive design/build construction experience. Our team members have spent many years designing and installing dozens of residential and commercial Solar PV systems all over the country.

We have experience with standard roof- and ground-mount solar systems, custom solar awnings, car-port overhead structures, residential and commercial projects, and off-grid remote stand-alone solar systems for commercial communications and off-grid living.

Our team will ensure your project only uses the highest quality materials that are installed to all building codes and the best industry standards.

Meet our staff.


Real-Time Remote Solar System Monitoring

MyEnlighten ImageHow do you know if those solar panels are producing power? You just look at your online monitoring! Every Solar PV system we install includes lifetime web-based monitoring for no additional charge. While other companies may offer power production monitoring for an additional fee or monthly subscription, ours is free for life.

As long as you have internet service on the property, you will always be able to monitor the performance of your solar system. You can access the information from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your smart phone, your laptop, work computer — anywhere you can get online.

The system will automatically report via email if there is any major issue due to loss of power production, loss of data reporting, etc. So if you’re too busy to check on the system, it checks on itself so you don’t have to.

It is our company policy to review all of our solar system installations periodically to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. If we notice anything unusual we will notify you immediately. We always keep an eye out for our customers! 

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