Design-Build Construction Services

Design-Build construction is when both the design and construction of a structure are performed by a single builder. This differs from the traditional design-bid-build route, in which the owner hires an Architect to design the structure, then selects a General Contractor (G.C) followed by bidding out the project. The fundamental difference between these two delivery methods is that the owner holds one contract for design/build, while they hold two, or more, contracts with design-bid-build.

SunSource can assist you throughout the design and building process for your residential or commercial project. By working with one party, it not only saves you money and time, but provides you piece of mind on your build.


Design-Build Project Delivery Method   Traditional Project Delivery Method

Design-Build Advantages

Design-Build construction has many advantages over the traditional delivery method, but perhaps the most important aspect to a client, is that it alleviates any finger pointing between the Architect and G.C. With one party responsible, there are no excuses for errors or omissions. The importance of this should not be overlooked, as it results in an extremely thorough design.

The simplified project delivery method of Design-Build construction also streamlines the process. Since the General Contractor is involved during the design phase, estimating can take place as various building components are decided upon. This enables alterations to the design to be made much faster than were it designed in its entirety and then bid out. The result is a design that reacts to budget implications without adversely affecting the schedule. In fact, bids can be taken while the design is still in progress, which speeds up the process as represented in the graphic below.


Traditional Project Delivery Method



Design/Build Project Delivery Method


Many companies provide design-build services but not all are true design-build. Often times in residential construction, a G.C. will offer model home designs and attempt minimal customization. This is simply trying to get by without architectural services.

At SunSource we provide full architectural services by a licensed Architect. This not only enables unlimited customization of a home but also provides the security that comes with knowing a design professional has thoroughly identified any potential problems and has provided well thought out solutions. When clients choose complete design-build services we are able to waive the design fee, and pass that savings on to our customers.