Benefits of Solar PV Systems


Quit Paying the Power Company!

The cost of energy is rising every year. In fact, over the last 10 years, many parts of the country have seen the price of electricity increase an average of 10% per year or more.

But you can protect your family from rising utility costs. Keep this money in your pocket instead, by investing in your own home, and in a clean and healthy future for your children.

Secure Investment

Energy prices are only going up. By investing in a Solar PV System that provides your electricity, you have a guaranteed investment return.

For example, you could spend $10,000.00 on a solar system now that would produce over $45,000 worth of electricity over the next 10 years.

The Solar PV Systems installed by SunSource come with a non-prorated, 100% replacement warranty for 25 years! If any of your parts stop functioning in the next 25 years, a new part will be shipped to you at no charge.


Increase your Property Value

Professional Realtors are finding that homes and businesses that have Solar PV Systems installed are on average selling faster and for more money than other similar properties.

According to appraisal professionals, for every $1 in savings provided by your Solar PV System, you can see up to $20 in increased property value. So if your Solar System produces $100 per month in electricity you may see a property value increase of $20,000.


Take advantage of incentives

Incentives provided by Federal, State, Local, and Power Company Programs can reduce the up-front costs by up to 85%.

At SunSource Homes, we specialize in finding all of the incentives that are available for your project. We process all the applications and make sure that all the proper paperwork gets turned in on time so you get all the incentives possible for your project.



Social/Environmental ResponsibilitySocial/Environmental


Social Responsibility

Making the conscious choice to install and use clean, renewable, sustainable energy at your home or business shows that you are aware of our impact on the planet and are doing your part to help.

Many businesses find that their customers, employees, and investors prefer to do business with a company that uses renewable energy.


Reduce your carbon footprint

A solar system that produces $100 per month in electricity will offset 73,200 pounds of carbon dioxide over a 10-year period. That’s the equivalent of taking 14 cars off the road, planting 1,872 trees, or stopping the consumption of 168 barrels of oil.

That’s a huge amount of carbon reduction! This will help prevent the negative effects of climate change and pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Reduce your carbon footprint