Architectural Services

Design-Build construction is our primary method of project delivery at SunSource, but we realize that often times a client may wish to undertake contracting duties themselves for their residential or commercial project. Or they may simply have a friend or acquaintance that they trust to perform the General Contractor duties. Our mission at SunSource is to provide each of our clients incomparable flexibility in terms of architectural services, as a stand alone resource or integrated into the construction projects, via three alternatives.

Highlawn Montessori School - Prairie Village, KS
Design Build Architectural Services

Architectural Services As Design Build

When SunSource acts as the sole design build contractor, the full scope of architectural services are a part of the construction contract. There is no extra fee and each step of the architectural services is included. The level of services provided by a licensed architect will be much more complete than those same services attempted by a general contractor led design build without an architect on staff.

Architectural Services Independent of General Contractor Services

If a client would like to use another General Contractor, but would still like to use our expertise to design the structure, we are able to provide architectural services from a traditional design bid build perspective.

We will provide all eight phases of services listed in the chart to the right, and work with whatever professionals the client has chosen.

Selective Architectural Services

In order to truly meet our clients particular needs we provide services, including architectural, in an ala carte fashion. If a customer would like to perform some of the contracting but would like the full scale architectural services, we are happy to accommodate, as explained here. Similarly, if a client has a set of prints they would like to build from, we can tailor the scope of our architectural services to find our client a savings on that portion of the work.

Architectural Consultation

With an eye toward the commercial market, we provide architectural consultation services as an independent entity. Such services include: Third party drawing review, Value Engineering and any individual portion of the architectural services phased list above.