The SunSource Team

Kansas City's leader for solar installation, renewable energy, green architecture and more, SunSource can assist you with all of your residential or commercial building needs. Our experience in many areas within the architecture industry, including commercial projects, environmental design, passive solar design, energy storage, and solar PV systems have positioned us to serve as your sustainable construction, green remodeling, and renewable energy system company.

Aaron Carson - Principal

Architect, LEED AP BD+C

Aaron Carson - PartnerAaron has over a dozen years of experience in the architecture industry, primarily working on large scale commercial projects as the Project Manager or Project Architect. While the scale of commercial architecture is an exciting challenge, his real passion is for renewable energy and sustainable architecture. That pursuit led him to co-found SunSource Inc.

As a student Aaron was fascinated by studies of passive solar design, environmental design and the various building geometries that harness available energy strictly through design, with the macro and micro climates in mind. These principles became the focus of his interest through both his undergraduate degree in Interior Architecture and his Master of Architecture degree.

Now after years of practicing the craft of Architecture in the traditional project delivery method, Aaron is pleased to be able to apply that experience to a new way of construction; one which is driven by energy efficiency and performance but also environmentally conscious practices and good design.

Keith Graepler – Principal

General Contractor, Sustainable Energy Specialist

Keith has a broad-based background in systems design and general construction. He lived in Colorado until 2008 when he moved to Kansas City. He has spent the last 9 years working with Renewable Energy systems design and installation, energy conservation in residential and commercial buildings, lighting system design for energy efficiency and light quality, energy auditing, geothermal GSHP system design and installation, advanced insulation techniques and wall assemblies, potable water filtration system design and installation, and Solar PV System design and installation. He has managed, designed, and supervised installation of dozens of Solar PV systems for a total of over 2.1MW since 2007 in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

Motivated by the positive impact that SunSource has on the environment, Keith is passionate about future sustainable development opportunities all over the world!

Keith is a graduate of Solar Energy International (SEI).


Joe Takens

Project ManagerJoe Takens Pic


Joe Takens is a hard working construction professional with a passion for the environment. He joined the Sun Source team in 2015 and brought with him over a decade of experience in the construction industry.  Most of that experience is in project management, estimating, and new business development as a subcontractor on large commercial projects.   Among his strengths are the ability to budget, schedule, and manage projects.  Joe holds degrees in both Environmental Studies and Construction Management.  

Outside of work Joe divides his time between family, fitness, and volunteer causes. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and children.   Some of the ways he stays active include running, yoga, and martial arts.   He remains involved in the community through volunteer work with the Sierra Club, Missouri Master Naturalists, and various community gardens.  


Amie Clarke

Business Development RepresentativeKristen Thomas Pic

Who says sustainability has to be all about Birkenstocks and chewing on sticks? Having resided in community-based living environments including Villa Grove, Illinois and Nak Nek, Alaska, Amie adopted a great appreciation for the freedom and camaraderie that lends itself to a low-impact way of life. In her many travels, she encountered humans who value sustainability as a pseudo religion; it’s their way of life. Honestly, Amie is not one of those people, but would like to begin applying some of the practices that she valued in said humans. 

While living in Chicago for six years, Amie reaped the benefits of public transportation and fell in love with biking. This vehicular freedom allowed her to explore a variety of neighborhoods and homes in and around the city.  New initiatives and implementations of live roofs, community and rooftop gardens, shared cars and bikes, bike taxis, beer growlers, grey water procurement and storage, repurposed materials, and solar, to name a few, intrigued her. After moving back to her hometown of Kansas City, she realized her next job had to be something that she valued. With experience in landscaping, working in corn fields, educational sales, marketing and stand-up comedy, Amie is looking to help to make an impact by encouraging education and humor in all realms and is now ready to take a stab at sustainability and solar power.  With a passion in communicating and helping people to better their lives, Amie joins SunSource!


Greg Hynes

Greg Bio Picture

Solar Installation Foreman

Greg has a strong focus and commitment to excellence for himself and the Sun Source team. As the Solar Installation Foreman, Greg is an expert at communication in the construction field. He spends the extra time needed to effectively communicate with the customer and guarantee the work is of the utmost professional quality. Greg has the leadership skills, motivation, and dedication to go above and beyond the call to completely satisfy the requirements of professionalism and customer needs when SunSource is finished with your project.

Greg has spent the last 6 years as a crew foreman installing over 1,000,000 Watts of Solar PV systems in a variety of styles in Kansas and Missouri. Greg's work background includes masonry, excavation, landscaping, and HVAC.